The “Museu del Torro i la Xocolata”, sited besides the Factory and the store, is a cultural space where is shown the history of the Agramunt’s nougat and chocolate and the business track of Torrons Vicens.The museum is a perfect space in order to know and show the origin of this ancestral tradition, evolution of the work and the path of the Agramunt’s population which has been famed for this sweet.

The Agramunt’s nougat tradition has been documented for its first time on 1741 thru letters of town’s nobles families.The visit is a trip on the history. A path full of sensations and experiences thanks to the images, audiovisuals and an infinity of old tools and machinery we will know the secrets of the artisanal elaboration of the nougat as the family Vicens begun to produce it. There, we will find a replica of the old artisanal nougat’s workshop used by the family on 1933.




Before this dates there is not preserved documents on The Agramunt’s historic files. Because this job wasn’t a full time job more as a complement of the principal job, some of the times coud be a farmer, or a pastry chef or any other job, never was registered on Notarial documents. After several wars and looting on the Agramunt’s Town justify the absence of the few documents, written witness of this activity, in the case of its existence they was lost or destroyed. Nevertheless, from this few documents pledge of the existing jobs at that time, we can conclude at 1741, the job of Nougat maker was the larger occupation with seven nougat producers on the town.

On XVIIIth  century the Nougat activity becomes a tradition in Agramunt. But is not until the end of the XIXth century and the first decades of the XXth when the Agramunt’s nougat achieve the recognition due to the outside projection won by the artisans visiting fairs and street markets in other cities. One of the most important was in Christmas in Barcelona. The Spanish Civil War (1936 – 1939) stops the activity and after the war arise new sourcing problems like the lack of hazelnut. After that period, only a few families like Vicens, were able to continue with this centenary tradition. At the same time, around 1830, the first artisanal confectioners begun to produce chocolates at Agramunt, a luxury product at that times.


Beginning XXth Century arrive the industrialization and on 1936 three varieties of chocolate was produced: The Stone Chocolate, the Vanilla one and chocolate with milk. But the Cholate “a la pedra” becomes the specialty of the area.

Loyal to this tradition, a history has been created, always respectful to its legacy, but fitting to the nowadays modernity. With each bit of our work we invite you to live the passion of a legendary land and the magic of an exclusive product in order to make you feel each moment unforgettable.





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