Lot of 6 Chocolate Cases with Gift

31,80€31,16€VAT included

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Special pack with 6 artisan Jolonch’s chocolate cases: white chocolate, milk chocolate, 90% cacao chocolate, bitter chocolate, milk chocolate and almond, bitter chocolate with hazelnuts. If you buy this special Chocolate pack you will GET AS A GIFT one Stone Jolonch’s chocolate “Classical”, one Macadamia with chocolate bag and one Almond Tucanias bag.

You can combine your chocolates as you like: 6 white chocolate’s case, 2 white chocolates and 2 milk chocolates and 2 bitter chocolates or 3 milk chocolates and 3 bitter with hazelnuts chocolates... it’s up to you.

Our pack can contain

  • White Chocolate case
  • Milk Chocolate case
  • Bitter Chocolate case
  • 90% cacao Chocolate case
  • Bitter with Hazelnuts Chocolate case
  • Milk Chocolate and almonds Chocolate case

...and as a gift:

  • Stone Jolonch’s chocolate “ La Clásica”
  • Macadamia with chocolate bag
  • Almond tucanias bag