During the last years “Torrons Vicens” has acquired the following companies related to the Nougat and chocolate business. “Torrons Àngel&Lluch”, dedicated to the bio products, “Xocolata Jolonch”, a 1770’s Factory and specialized on Stone chocolate production and “Turrones Viar”.

There is a fifth Company specialized to the frozen chocolate truffle , cookies and frozen selected desserts already owned by the Velasco’s Family before they bought “Torrons Vicens” and is also a part of the group of companies.


Jolonch’s surname, originary from Peramola, is linked to the chocolate since 1770. This is one of the first brands of the manufacturesrs and chocolate traders in Agramunt, the first in Europe and the second worldwide. The family business was inheridet generatiton after generation until just recently, when the family decide to leave the chocolate production. Is just when Mr. Angel Velasco bought the Company beginning 2013 with the intention to provide continuity and projection with the new products development recently presented to the market, highlighting the grated chocolate for cup drink.

Jolonch’s chocolate has been known for the Stone chocolate production, considered the Agramunt’s local variety. Nowadays other varieties supplement the actual offer.

Its production has been always artisanal and today the traditional methods are still used with the same machines. Because all of these reasons the factory becomes an authentic museum of its activity.



Located on the Agramunt’s village, established by Mrt. Angel Lluch on 1948 begun the nougat and other specialties production. Nevertheles the principal product becomes the artisanal agramunt’s nugat.

A long the time, the gramunt’s Angel&Lluch Company, has been developing a wide range of organic products using natural ingredients keeping all its characteristics of taste. The company is certified by CCPAE granting the organic origin of the raw materials used.

Company specialized on high quality chocolates and nougats production holding a wide tradition since 1919. Located originally on the Olzinellas street on the Barcelona’s Sants neighbourhood, was moved to the Barcelona’s metropolitan area having an state of the art facilities. The company is known in Catalunya because of its brand positioning as artisanal production and products.


Ametlles Vicens is a company created with the objective of promoting almond plantation and almond production in a traditional territory of this crop.

Chocolate Jolonch is the oldest chocolate factory in Agramunt and the only one of the two historic ones that still works today. Since the end of the 18th century, the company has been passed from generation to generation.

From 1935 until today, different generations have shared and share a taste for good and healthy: natural products based on nuts, which provide us with a good dose of energy, antioxidants and vitamins.