Monday 28 October, 2019


The solidarity nougat of RAC1 has raised € 156,375 this year, € 36,000 more than last year. Torrons Vicens has delivered, within the program El món to RAC1, the check to the representatives of the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu of Barcelona.

Dr. Merche Serrano, child neurologist and deputy of the Pediatric Institute of Rare Diseases of the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, has explained the project to which the money raised and the mission of Rare Commons is directed.
The meeting was attended by the directors of the donor benefactor, the owners of Torrons Vicens, co-creators and producers of nougat, and representatives of the RAC1 station, co-creators and promoters of the action.

They have participated in the delivery:
• Ángel Velasco: owner of Torrons Vicens.
• Ángel Velasco (son): owner of Torrons Vicens.
• Xavi de Pol: General Director of Audiovisuals of the Godó Group.
• Eduard Pujol: director of RAC1.
• Jordi Basté: director of El món at RAC1.
• Dr. Merche Serrano: pediatric neurologist at HSD.
• M. Josep Planas: director of planning and patient experience at HSD.
• Jaime Pérez Payarols: Director of Innovation and Research of the HSD.
• Gloria Garcia: HSD Donor Assistance Coordinator.
• Lourdes Campuzano: press officer of the HSD.
During 2017, Torrons Vicens will continue to raise money for the cause by selling solidarity nougat in their stores and online through
In addition, Eduard Pujol and Ángel Velasco have announced that, in the face of next Christmas, there will be two flavors of nougat solidarity: the same as always and a new one that the listeners will choose again.